Choosing an engagement ring can be one of the most important, but also stressful jewelry decisions you and your partner will ever make. Not only does the symbolic weight of your lifelong commitment lean on this decision, but you also are expected to wear this piece of jewelry everyday! 

An engagement ring should reflect the bride’s taste and personality as an extension of her personal style. If you need help picking out the perfect stone for you, consider pairing the piece with your persona using the guide below! 

Romantic, delicate, feminine – Round or oval diamond surrounded by several smaller stones. 

Individualist, unique, strong – Emerald cut diamond in a sleek and modern setting.

Traditional, vintage, elegant – Princess or radiant cut with a geometrical look.

Whimsical, simple, practical – Cushion cut with a secure setting on an embellished band. 

Creative, theatrical, dramatic – Solo marquise or pear cut diamond on a skinny band.

It’s no denying that all of these sparkle in their own way, but make sure you pick out the diamond that will radiate your personality!